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24K Gold Autoflower Feminized Seeds

Explore 24K Gold Autoflower Feminized Seeds, known for its aroma, impressive yields, and vigorous growth. Ideal for experienced and novice growers alike.


All packs are packs of 5 seeds


24k Gold Autoflower Feminised Seeds Cannabis Seeds: A Gleaming Addition to Your Garden

Introducing 24k Gold Autoflower Feminised Seeds Cannabis Seeds, a gleaming treasure in the cannabis cultivation world, offering growers a perfect blend of convenience and beauty. This strain is the result of crossing the illustrious genetics of Kosher Kush with the vibrant energy of Tangie, providing a unique cultivation experience that shines as brightly as its namesake. With its autoflowering feminised qualities, 24k Gold Autoflower ensures a straightforward and rewarding growing process, making it an ideal choice for cultivators of all experience levels.

The allure of 24k Gold Autoflower lies not just in its genetic lineage but in its stunning visual appeal and robust growth characteristics. From seed to harvest, this strain exhibits a dazzling display of colors, with plants that radiate vitality and a sense of opulence. The autoflowering nature of 24k Gold Autoflower Feminised Seeds simplifies the cultivation process, allowing for a seamless transition through growth stages without the need for light cycle adjustments.

Cultivating 24k Gold Autoflower Feminised Seeds Cannabis Seeds is akin to nurturing a piece of living art. These seeds develop into plants that are both resilient and manageable in size, suitable for indoor or outdoor environments. Despite their compact stature, the plants produced from these seeds are capable of yielding a generous harvest, showcasing dense buds that gleam with a trichome coating reminiscent of the precious metal after which they are named.

The visual spectacle of 24k Gold Autoflower is complemented by its vigorous growth. This strain thrives under various conditions, displaying a remarkable resistance to pests and diseases. Its autoflowering characteristic ensures a swift journey from germination to harvest, making 24k Gold Autoflower Seeds a time-efficient option for those eager to see their efforts come to fruition quickly.

For those seeking to add a touch of luxury to their cannabis garden, 24k Gold Autoflower Seeds offer an unparalleled option. Below is a detailed table showcasing the key characteristics of this radiant strain:

GeneticsKosher Kush x Tangie Autoflower
VarietyIndica/Sativa mix
Flowering TypeAutoflower
SexFeminised Seeds
AromaA rich tapestry of earthy and citrus undertones
Flowering Time70-75 days from germination
Harvest MonthAutoflowering, can be harvested multiple times a year depending on conditions

In conclusion, 24k Gold Autoflower Feminised Seeds stand as a beacon for those who value both the aesthetic and practical aspects of cannabis cultivation. This strain combines the ease of autoflowering growth with a visual and aromatic profile that is truly luxurious. For cultivators looking to enrich their garden with a strain that is as rewarding to grow as it is to observe, 24k Gold Autoflower offers a golden opportunity.

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