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KUSH MINTZ™ Cannabis Seeds

Type: Feminized

KUSH MINTZ™ By Barneys Farm. 

During our selective process on Biscotti Mintz we introduced a critical Kush pheno that displayed an unusual 30% sativa characteristic. This combined with our delicious Mintz brought something very exciting to the table, a 70% indica dominant plant, totally unique to our catalogue with amazing characteristics.

KUSH MINTZ™ with its powerful Himalayan OG Kush linage is extremely vigorous, powerful indica now with a 30% stative boost. The explosion of the Critical linage infusion brings huge yields both indoor and out with outdoor heights reaching 2 meters, super strong and sturdy with unbelievable production capabilities.

The Minz unsurprisingly further enhances those famous earthy Pine and sweet citrus Kush aromas with hints of coffee and delicate hints of minty cookies!

KUSH MINTZ™ is extremely resinous, sticky to the touch with a heavy coating of trichomes covering the familiar light green colors with occasional dark green contrasting fan leaves protrude from its dense flowering structure.

Kush Mintz cannabis seeds are sold strictly for souvenirs, storage and genetic preservation.

KUSH MINTZ™ Cannabis Seeds Strain Specifications

 Critical Kush x Mintz
 up to 1500
 600-650 gr/m²
 65 – 63
 3rd-4th week
 Mostly Indica
 Earthy Pine, Minty Coffee
 Cool, Hot & Temperate

Germination Promise

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