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Big Buddha Cheese is the UK’s #1 strain, famous worldwide and winner of countless awards.

We originally crossed a clone only with our pure Afghani male from our library. Two years of selective back-crossing allowed us to isolate specific traits we loved. The Big Buddha Cheese in feminized seed form retains its mother’s old-skool aroma and, with the help of the original Afghani, has a higher overall yield than the original mother. Years later the extensive genetic research Big Buddha had been carrying out achieved a significant breakthrough as finally he had created his life’s’ work masterpiece…PURE Big Buddha Cheese!

The Big Buddha Cheese seed available today is the purest Cheese seed in the universe… It is the only seed that carries the same genetics as used in the original 1st generation Big Buddha Cheese seeds that contain the genetic growth traits of the Afghani but has that OG Skunk smell and aroma of pure Cheese!

Big Buddha Cheese ™ … The original ‘Cheese seed’ created by Big Buddha 2002.


    • Parents: Big Buddha Cheese x Big Buddha Cheese Reversed
    • Genetics: Feminised, 100% Indica, 100% Pure Cheese™
    • Flowering Time: Indoors 7 to 9 weeks; Outdoors end of October
    • Scent: Unique, pungent, old-skool aroma
    • aroma: Unique, pungent,mature cheese


    • Yield: Indoors – 100 gr. +; Outdoors – 500 gr. +



GENETICSBig Buddha Cheese x Big Buddha Cheese Reversed
YIELDIndoors: 100 gr/plant+; Outdoors: 500 gr/plant+
GROWSGreenhouse, Grows indoors
aroma / AROMACheese, Pungent

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