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Dutch Passion’s old Skywalker was a popular strain that was introduced in the late 1990’s. It was originally created by crossing two Dutch Passion classics, viz. Blueberry and Mazar. This indica-dominant plant with its strong growth pattern and fruity notes, along with attractive colors, made this strain popular with both home and commercial growers.

Dutch Passion’s breeders have now made a carefully selected new cross of the classic Blueberry and Mazar strains. This was then crossed with a very potent and resinous elite clone of an incredibly potent Amnesia from the underground scene in Amsterdam, the so-called ‘Amsterdam Amnesia’.

The result is Skywalker Haze, a hard-hitting, sativa-dominant hybrid with a citrus flavor, whilst still giving that legendary Mazar/Blueberry punch and fruity aftertaste.

Skywalker Haze can stretch quite a bit and can take 9-10 weeks to finish the flowering phase. She is not a fussy feeder, has a great leaf-to-bud ratio and guarantees top-quality harvests for both home and commercial growers alike.


Breeder/Brand Dutch Passion
Product Types (class) Seeds
Genetics (Blueberry x Mazar) x Amsterdam Amnesia
Variety Mostly Sativa
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Feminised
Flowering Time 63 – 70 days

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