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Original Blueberry Auto is an indica-dominant strain that is true to its Blueberry roots. Original Blueberry Auto is not only straightforward to grow but will fill the grow room with the delicious scent of blueberry terpenes.

Original Blueberry Auto is 65% indica, growing to a height between 70 – 110 cm. This is a bushy, compact strain that grows well both indoors and outdoors, even in quite cool climates. With a cycle of 9 weeks from seed to harvest Blueberry Auto can produce yields of 400 – 500 gr/m2 indoors while outdoor growers will harvest between 50 – 150 gr. from each plant.

Buds really pack on weight and resin towards maturity, with a swollen, conical point, and also putting on a colorful, multi-hued display of pink, red, purple and blue shades set against its bright green buds.

When crushed the dried buds fill the room with the scent of ripe blueberries and this sweet, fruity dimension carries on to the palate.


Product Types (class)Seeds
GeneticsBlueberry x Auto
VarietyMostly Indica
Flowering TypeAutoflowering
YieldIndoors: 400 – 500 gr/m2; Outdoors: 50 – 150 gr/plant
Plant Height70 – 110 cm.
GrowsGrows indoors, Grows outdoors
Flowering Time63 – 65 days from seed
aroma / scentBlueberry, Fruity, Sweet

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