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French Macaron Feminised Seeds

Explore French Macaron Feminised Seeds, known for its aroma, impressive yields, and vigorous growth. Ideal for experienced and novice growers alike.


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French Macaron (French Cookies x Gelato 33) Feminised Product Description

French Macaron is a feminised cannabis strain crafted through the meticulous crossbreeding of French Cookies and Gelato 33. This strain showcases a fusion of robust growth characteristics and unique agricultural traits, offering an enticing cultivation experience. This detailed product description delves into French Macaron’s genetic heritage, cultivation nuances, and horticultural features, aiming to equip growers with essential insights for successful cultivation.

Genetic Heritage

French Macaron is the result of combining two highly esteemed strains: French Cookies, known for its stable growth patterns, and Gelato 33, celebrated for its unique attributes. This genetic lineage results in a feminised strain that embodies the best features of its parents, providing a reliable and consistent growth performance.

Table of Key Characteristics

Genetic LineageFrench Cookies x Gelato 33
Indica/Sativa Percentage65% Indica / 35% Sativa; Indica-dominant
Specific Terpene ProfileLimonene, Humulene, Caryophyllene
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
YieldIndoor: Up to 1.3 oz/ft² (400 g/m²); Outdoor: Up to 5.5 oz (155 g) per plant
AromaSweet, Nutty, Earthy
Height32-36 inches (81-91 cm)
Flowering Time8-9 weeks from initiation of flowering cycle
Harvest TimeEarly to mid-October

Comprehensive Description

Cultivation Insights

French Macaron thrives in a variety of cultivation environments, suitable for both novice and experienced growers. The plant is particularly adaptable, growing well both indoors and outdoors. As a photoperiod-dependent strain, it requires changes in light exposure to initiate the flowering stage, providing cultivators control over the growth cycle.

For indoor cultivation, French Macaron reaches a moderate height of 32-36 inches, making it well-suited for environments where space is at a premium. Utilizing techniques such as Sea of Green (SOG) can significantly enhance its yield potential, maximizing space efficiency and light exposure. Indoors, growers can anticipate yields up to 1.3 ounces per square foot.

In outdoor settings, French Macaron benefits from natural sunlight, which fosters robust growth and can increase yield potentials. It is capable of producing up to 5.5 ounces per plant, with harvests ready by early to mid-October, depending on local climate conditions. This strain exhibits resilience to environmental stressors, a testament to the robust genetics of its parent strains.

Aroma and Plant Chemistry

The aromatic profile of French Macaron is characterized by a delightful blend of sweet, nutty, and earthy notes, creating a rich and inviting olfactory experience. This scent profile is driven by a dominant terpene trio: limonene adds a subtly citrus aroma, caryophyllene offers a hint of spiciness, and humulene contributes earthy undertones. These terpenes not only influence the aroma but also enhance the structural integrity of the plant.

Growth and Flowering

French Macaron transitions to the flowering phase within 8-9 weeks from the initiation of the flowering light cycle. This rapid progression to flowering allows cultivators to plan efficient growing cycles, especially beneficial in regions with shorter growing seasons. The plant’s structure becomes denser during this phase, which, combined with its compact height, makes it ideal for indoor setups.

Harvesting and Utilization

The optimal harvest time for French Macaron is in early to mid-October when cultivated outdoors, aligning with the maturation of its floral structures and the development of its aromatic profile. Timing the harvest correctly is crucial for maximizing yield and ensuring the highest quality of the final product.

In summary, French Macaron feminised is an exemplary cannabis strain that combines ease of cultivation with a distinct and appealing aroma profile, making it a valuable addition to any cultivation effort. Its genetic lineage ensures robust growth and adaptability, making it suitable for various cultivation practices. Whether for personal use or commercial cultivation, French Macaron offers a rewarding growing experience for cultivators of all skill levels.

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