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Alien OG x Animal Cookies

AC/OG is the otherworldly offspring of the Alien OG and Animal Cookies strains of cannabis. This Indica-dominant strain, bred by Greenpoint Seeds, produces dense, sticky buds that are coated in a thick layer of trichomes. AC/OG’s high content and powerful cerebral effects will launch users into the farthest reaches of space.

In creating AC/OG, Greenpoint Seeds has combined the soaring high of Alien OG with the narcotic stone of Animal Cookies and delivered a well-rounded hybrid that is both relaxing and mood-boosting. Although this strain is challenging to cultivate, it rewards growers with a stellar harvest of potent, frosty, and highly aromatic buds.

AC/OG Strain

Alien OG

Alien OG, the mother of AC/OG, is well-known as one of the most potent cannabis strains on the market. Its intense cerebral effects and pleasant aroma have made this variety popular among recreational as well as cannabis users.

The story of Alien OG starts with Alien Technology, a rare strain coveted by growers and breeders alike. Some growers believe that this variety is a pure landrace Indica that was brought to the United States by a soldier returning home from Afghanistan. The soldier gave some seeds of this strain to an Oregon-based breeder nicknamed Obsol33t.

Obsol33t cultivated the seeds and soon became enamored of the strain. The buds were unusually potent and emitted a pleasant aroma of vanilla and incense. Determined to preserve this rare strain, Obsol33t found a suitable male from the same batch of seeds and used it to pollinate his cut of Chem D. Next, he chose a male from this Chem/Alien Technology hybrid and pollinated his cut of Las Vegas Purple Kush, dubbing this strain Alien Kush. Finally, Obsol33t crossed a male Alien Kush with the renowned Tahoe OG, creating Alien OG.

Initially, Alien OG was a clone-only strain that circulated around the West Coast. It quickly gained a following for its intense high and sweet, earthy yet out-of-this-world aroma. Soon, the strain was made available in seed form by Cali Connection, a well-known seed company. Since many breeders have used this powerful strain to create unique and potent hybrids.

Alien OG Lineage

Alien OG, the mother of AC/OG, is a hybrid of Tahoe OG and Alien Kush. Tahoe OG, popularized by Swerve of the Cali Connection, is believed to be an S1 or a hybrid of OG Kush; however, some growers suggest that it may be an original cut of OG.

Alien Kush is a polyhybrid developed by Obsol33t. The parents of Alien Kush are Las Vegas Purple Kush and a male Alien Dog. Alien Dog, in turn, is a cross of the Chem D cut and an Alien Technology male. Many growers believe that Alien Technology is an Afghan landrace strain.

Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies, also referred to as Animal Crackers, is the other parent of AC/OG. This clone-only strain was developed by the Cookies Family of San Francisco. The Cookies Family has bred many elite cultivars such as Gelato 33 and Thin Mint Cookies. To create Animal Cookies, the Cookies Family used the renowned Fire OG to pollinate a cut of Girl Scout Cookies. Animal Cookies’ powerful effects and bag appeal make this cultivar one of the finest representations of the Girl Scout Cookies strain.

Animal Cookies Lineage

Animal Cookies, the other parent of AC/OG, is an Indica-dominant hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG. The pedigree of Girl Scout Cookies is unclear; however, the Cookies Family has indicated that it is a three-way hybrid of Durban Poison, Florida OG, and an unknown strain referred to as “F1.”

The origin of Fire OG also is uncertain. This cut, popularized by a California-based breeder known as OG Raskal, is an excellent phenotype of OG Kush. Some growers believe that Fire OG is an original cutting of OG Kush, but others suggest that it may be an S1 or a hybrid of OG.

By crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG, the Cookies Family developed a strain that provides the striking color and aroma of Girl Scout Cookies and the potency and yield of Fire OG.

AC/OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Greenpoint Seeds developed AC/OG by using the clone-only cut of Animal Cookies to pollinate Alien OG. This Indica-dominant hybrid displays a blend of traits from both of its parents. Some plants may be more Alien OG-dominant, and others may display more Animal Cookies characteristics. Nearly every plant will be exceptionally potent and scentful.

AC/OG is a feminized hybrid of Alien OG and Animal Cookies. Growers value feminized seeds because these seeds make the growing process easy and rewarding. Approximately 99.9 percent of feminized seeds will produce all-female plants. This means that growers won’t have to take the time to identify male plants and separate them from the garden.

AC/OG Aroma

Alien OG offers a rich and complex aroma. This variety smells strongly of sweet citrus, with musky hints of wood, soil, and pine. The lemon-pine aroma hints at the strain’s Tahoe OG heritage.

In contrast, Animal Cookies provides a sweet-and-sour aroma that is pleasant yet pungent. The flowers emit an earthy and nutty smell, with undertones of cookie dough, petrol, skunk, and menthol. When the buds are broken apart, Animal Cookies displays notes of cherry, pine, and pepper.

By combining these two aromatic cultivars, AC/OG offers a range of phenotypes that emit the aromas of Alien OG and Animal Cookies. Some plants may take on the sweet lemonade and musky pine scent of Alien OG, and others may display the sweet-and-sour tang of Animal Cookies. Most plants emit a blend of these aromas.

AC/OG scent

AC/OG is a scentful strain that aromas of lemonade and cookies, contrasted with savory hints of sandalwood, incense, soil, pine, and skunk. The musky citrus scent remains on the tongue long after smoking AC/OG. Depending on the phenotype, AC/OG may be earthier and more citrusy or may aroma more of cookie dough and cherries.


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BLOODLINE Alien OG, Animal Cookies

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