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Motorbreath #15 x Animal Cookies

Cookie Breath is a breath of fresh air. This premium feminized hybrid offers a new take on the classic Chemdawg, OG Kush, and Cookies strains of cannabis. Cookie Breath brings together two elite cultivars—Motorbreath No. 15 and Animal Cookies—to create a potent and terpene-rich variety that will take anyone’s breath away.

Motorbreath No. 15 has received much acclaim for its pungent aroma, powerful effects, and generous yield. This award-winning strain has been featured on High Times Magazine’s list of the “Strongest Strains on Earth” multiple times. It regularly tests at 28 percent . Animal Cookies, in turn, is known for its potent effects, exotic flavor, and outstanding bag appeal. By combining these two strains, Greenpoint Seeds has created Cookie Breath—a top-tier hybrid that offers the bountiful yield and pungent aroma of Motorbreath No. 15 and the extraordinary resin production and bag appeal of Animal Cookies.


WEIGHT 0.21 oz
SEED SEX Feminized
MOTHER PLANT Motorbreath #15
BLOOM CYCLE Photoperiod
PROFILE Chemdawg
BLOODLINE Animal Cookies, Motorbreath, Motorbreath #15

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