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Afghan Auto Fem is a heavy-hitting, pure indica strain. This mold-resistant strain can be grown in or outdoors with ease and produces large yields. The mix of Lowryder and ruderalis genetics makes for hardy plants that swiftly move through their flowering process and are ready to harvest in roughly 8-9 weeks. The nugs have a well-rounded bouquet and flavor with hints of earth, sweetness, and spice.

Are you looking to cultivate your very own marijuana stash and to grow from seed? Buy auto-flowering Afghan online through Weed Seeds! There are multiple ways to germinate your seeds including the paper towel method. Simply take two plates and two damp paper towels. By sandwiching the seeds between the paper towels and creating a dome with the plates, you create the perfect amount of moisture and airflow to allow your seeds to break out of their shells. Make sure to gently transfer these delicate new growths to their forever pots to avoid damage. You can also use soil cubes or germination stations or simply plant them into damp soil to get them started. Whichever method you try, you will have started the ball rolling on your new big Afghan plant in no time! We store and transport our seeds in ideal conditions to keep them viable upon arrival at your door. Because of our infallible methods, we can provide germination guarantees on the majority of our seeds which means you can count on your chosen method to have good results!

Germination Promise

  • We only stock the best quality seeds from the most trusted breeders
  • Our seeds are stored in safe, temperature-controlled environments
  • Sometimes (but rarely) seeds don’t germinate. If this happens to you, contact us. We will send you a replacement*.
  • We take seed quality very seriously and feed back to suppliers any quality issues
  • All the product information found on this site is correct to the best of our knowledge**.

* terms and conditions apply. Find out more here

** if you spot an error please contact us, we work hard to keep our data up to date, but your feedback will help us to correct anything we may have missed.

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