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Alien Glue

Explore Alien Glue, known for its aroma, impressive yields, and vigorous growth. Ideal for experienced and novice growers alike.



Alien Glue Feminised Seeds: A Galactic Fusion of Genetics

Alien Glue Feminised Seeds are the result of an extraordinary fusion between Alien OG and Gorilla Glue, two of the most revered strains in the cannabis universe. This stellar combination has given birth to a cultivar that is as robust and yield-generating as it is visually stunning. Alien Glue is a testament to the power of selective breeding, providing cultivators with a plant that excels in resilience, yield, and aesthetic appeal. Designed to thrive in a variety of environments, Alien Glue Feminised Seeds are perfect for growers looking to harness the best of both worlds, combining ease of cultivation with exceptional results.

Embarking on a cultivation journey with Alien Glue Feminised Seeds means entering a realm of unparalleled genetic excellence. The feminised nature of these seeds ensures that growers will exclusively nurture flowering females, optimizing space and resources for maximum yield. With its roots deeply embedded in the genetics of Alien OG and Gorilla Glue, Alien Glue offers adaptability and vigor, thriving in both controlled indoor settings and the great outdoors.

Cultivators of Alien Glue Feminised Seeds can expect medium-height plants that are as manageable as they are productive. This trait makes Alien Glue an ideal choice for cultivators with space constraints or those aiming for discretion. Despite its modest size, the strain boasts generous yields of dense, trichome-rich buds, reflective of its prestigious lineage. The flowering phase is swift, rewarding growers with quick turnaround times from seed to harvest.

Alien Glue’s visual appeal is nothing short of cosmic. As the plants mature, they unfold into a mesmerizing display of color, with vibrant greens and purples under a canopy of sparkling trichomes, evoking the mystique of its alien heritage. This visual allure is matched by an intricate aroma, weaving together the earthy, pungent notes inherited from its parent strains, to enchant the senses and elevate the cultivation experience.

For those in pursuit of a strain that marries the legendary vigor of Alien OG with the resinous bounty of Gorilla Glue, Alien Glue Feminised Seeds offer an unmatched growing experience. Below is a detailed overview of this exceptional strain’s key characteristics:

GeneticsAlien OG crossed with Gorilla Glue
VarietyIndica/Sativa Mix
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
SexFeminised Seeds
AromaA rich tapestry of earthy and pungent tones
Flowering Time8-9 weeks
Harvest MonthLate September to early October

In essence, Alien Glue Feminised Seeds stand as a beacon of cultivation ial, offering an epic journey through the cosmos of cannabis genetics. Whether you’re a seasoned cultivator aiming to explore new frontiers or a novice eager to embark on your first cultivation adventure, Alien Glue provides a galactic experience that is as rewarding as it is visually spectacular.

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