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American Pie Feminized Seeds

Explore American Pie Feminized Seeds, known for its aroma, impressive yields, and vigorous growth. Ideal for experienced and novice growers alike.


All packs are packs of 5 seeds


American Pie Feminised Seeds: A Cultivation Classic Reimagined

American Pie Feminised Seeds offer a modern twist on a classic, blending the timeless appeal of legendary cannabis genetics into a strain that captivates with its vigorous growth, abundant yields, and stunning visual allure. This strain is a harmonious blend of Power Plant and White Widow, providing cultivators with an opportunity to experience a piece of cannabis history infused with contemporary cultivation excellence. American Pie stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of its parent strains, offering growers a chance to cultivate a plant that is both nostalgically familiar and excitingly novel. Ideal for cultivators at any experience level, American Pie Feminised Seeds are designed to deliver an unparalleled growing experience.

Embarking on the cultivation journey with American Pie Feminised Seeds reveals the exceptional ial of its distinguished lineage. These seeds are feminised, ensuring that each plant will develop into a flowering female, streamlining the cultivation process and enhancing the yield ial. The blend of Power Plant and White Widow genetics grants American Pie robust growth characteristics and adaptability, making it a versatile choice for both indoor and outdoor cultivation settings.

Growing American Pie Feminised Seeds produces plants of medium height, offering an ideal balance between spatial efficiency and yield. These plants are celebrated for their bountiful yields, producing dense, resinous buds that reflect the quality and potency of their genetic heritage. The flowering time is remarkably swift, allowing cultivators to reach harvest with eager anticipation.

The visual appeal of American Pie is a feast for the eyes. As the plants mature, they unfold into a stunning display of vibrant greens and subtle hues, adorned with a generous dusting of trichomes that glisten like morning dew. This striking appearance is complemented by an aromatic profile that fills the cultivation space with a captivating fragrance, enhancing the grower’s experience with each visit to the garden.

For those seeking a strain that combines the historic excellence of Power Plant and White Widow with the ease of feminised seeds, American Pie Feminised Seeds offer an unmatched cultivation experience. Below is a detailed table highlighting the key characteristics of this extraordinary strain, including its indica or sativa dominance:

GeneticsPower Plant x White Widow
VarietyHybrid (Sativa Dominant)
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
SexFeminised Seeds
AromaCaptivating and profound
Flowering Time65-70 days
Harvest MonthOctober

In conclusion, American Pie Feminised Seeds represent a bridge between cannabis cultivation’s past and present, offering growers a strain that is as rich in history as it is in cultivation ial. Whether you’re a veteran grower seeking a new challenge or a newcomer eager to embark on your first cultivation journey, American Pie provides a growing experience that is as rewarding as it is visually and aromatically pleasing.

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