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Dream Queen Feminized Seeds

Explore Dream Queen Feminized Seeds, known for its aroma, impressive yields, and vigorous growth. Ideal for experienced and novice growers alike.


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Product Description: Dream Queen Feminised Seeds

Indulge in the allure of Dream Queen Feminised Seeds, a meticulously cultivated cannabis strain designed to captivate the senses and elevate your growing experience. Dive into the intricacies of this exceptional strain, from its genetic lineage to its cultivation characteristics.

GeneticsSativa-Dominant Hybrid
VarietyFeminised Seeds
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
YieldIndoor: Up to 550g/m²
Outdoor: Up to 650g/plant
AromaCitrus, Pine, Earthy
HeightIndoor: 60-80 inches
Outdoor: Up to 100 inches
Flowering Time8-9 weeks
Harvest TimeLate September

Terpene Profile:

  1. Limonene
  2. Pinene
  3. Myrcene
  4. Caryophyllene
  5. Humulene

Dream Queen Feminised Seeds boast a genetic lineage that combines the best traits of sativa-dominant hybrids, resulting in a plant that thrives in various cultivation environments. With its feminised nature, growers can focus their efforts on nurturing robust and resinous female plants, eliminating the need to deal with males during the cultivation process.

Indoor cultivators can anticipate yields of up to 550 grams per square meter, while outdoor growers may harvest up to 650 grams per plant, particularly in optimal growing conditions. The plants exhibit vigorous growth and branching, with heights ranging from 60 to 80 inches indoors and up to 100 inches outdoors.

Throughout the flowering stage, Dream Queen Feminised Seeds plants emit a captivating aroma reminiscent of citrus, pine, and earthy undertones. This aroma intensifies as the buds mature, providing a sensory experience that is as delightful as it is enticing.

The flowering period typically lasts between 8 to 9 weeks, during which growers can closely monitor the development of resinous buds. Harvest time usually occurs in late September, ensuring that the buds are harvested at the peak of ripeness to maximize potency and aroma.

Dream Queen Feminised Seeds offer consumers an uplifting and energizing effect, making them an ideal choice for daytime consumption. With its sativa-dominant genetics and captivating terpene profile, Dream Queen Feminised Seeds are sure to leave a lasting impression on even the most discerning cannabis enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Dream Queen Feminised Seeds are a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication of its breeders, offering growers a rewarding cultivation experience and consumers a truly exceptional cannabis journey.

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