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An incredible combination of three very different strains. It’s a delightful mix of berry and dank smells. It’s a great strain for beginner indoor growers.

Auto Purple Amnesia broke all records when 1 plant produced a massive 681g in independent test conditions and Auto gorilla OG has been wowing growers since its release in 2017. The combination of these 2 strains will not disappoint!
Like both its parents Auto Purple Gorilla shows explosive growth right from the start and does not require any special care or attention to give you great results. If she is treated well and given enough space and light to fulfill her potential, then she will pay you back with incredible yields.
As Auto Gorilla Purple matures you will notice she has a very dominant main cola, but also excellent side branching and she will get almost as wide as she is tall. Due to the incredible resin production that comes from the Gorilla Glue ancestry the buds on side branches can get super heavy and may need to be supported. The buds on this plant can get coke-bottle sized and are very dense with an incredible covering of sticky trichomes.  Some of the Purple coloring of its parent has diminished but certain individuals will produce some beautiful purple buds.
Yields for the strain can range from 2-3 ounces per plant (60-90g) in a basic soil grow to 10 ounces per plant (280g) in a good quality hydro setup. All of this will be achieved in around 10 weeks from germination to harvest
Auto Purple Gorilla gives off a delicious citrus aroma.
Due to the massive trichome production of Auto Purple Gorilla she is the perfect strain for making hash, Rosin or extracts from so nothing is wasted.
  • Strain:    Auto Purple Gorilla
  • Type: (Gorilla Glue #4 x Auto OG kush) x auto purple amnesia
  • Auto Type: Boutique Line Auto
  • Height: 25-40” | 50-100cm
  • Harvest: 9-11 weeks from seed
  • Yield: 60-280g |2-10 oz per plant
  • Indoors/Outdoors: Both

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