Greybeard Private Label Matanuska Tundra Feminised Seeds



Cannabis Seeds


Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Matanuska Tundra is an Alaskan hybrid Indica dominant strain that originates from the grasslands of the Matanuska Valley in Alaska. It is also known as Matanuska Thunder Fuck. The plant has a good yield and produces dense buds with big nugs covered with crystals. Its flowers have an icy white frosting that gives it a lovely appearance. However, it is a difficult strain to grow that is best produced outdoors and has a flowering period ranging from 60 to 70 days.The strain has a wonderful aroma that smells like chocolate mixed with fruit and becomes extremely fruity in the end. Its taste is quite similar to its aroma and is a blend of flowery, chocolate and sweet flavors.