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In 2017, Purple Punch and Clementine were crossed to create the Sativa hybrid (70/30) Mimosa strain.

Within nine weeks, this strain will produce fruit. For an outdoor crop, the middle of October is the latest it will be ready to be picked. Bulbs form on this plant that are tiny, compact, spherical, and olive green. The buds are covered in abundant dark amber hairs & the white trichomes sparkle.

The terpene profile of the Mimosa is the secret of its wonderfully sweet, zesty orange smell. The smell of Mimosa can be enhanced by bringing out the plant’s terpenes to their maximum potential. There’s the matter of the soil’s quality, which can affect the Mimosa plant’s growth.

A nutrient-rich soil medium aids the plant’s development, so it’s best to use one that’s both complex and healthy. You can either spend twenty to thirty dollars on a bag of premade “super soil mix,” or you may try to make your own.

You can also supplement the Mimosa plant’s diet with some nutrients it needs at specific times during its development. First, you can apply more nitrogen than usual during the vegetative phase. After that, increase the terpene concentration by adding high amounts of phosphate and potassium during the flowering period.

The aroma is similar, but more woody florals and earthy herbs are added. Mimosa buds are compact and dense, with a rounded shape with a coating of dazzling white crystal trichomes and dark orange hairs.


BACKGROUND Sativa Dominant
YIELD INDOOR 650-750 g/m²
YIELD OUTDOOR 1500-2500 g/m2

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