Greybeard Private Label Northern Lights x Blueberry Autoflower Feminised Seeds



Cannabis Seeds


This hybrid is a backcross that consists of 75 percent Northern Lights from Holland and the U.S. Pacific Northwest, and 25 percent Blueberry from DJ Short’s Delta 9 Collection. Blueberry genetics have added the telltale berry aroma and occasional blue-purple tones to this otherwise Northern Lights like plant.

Growth patterns generally resemble the indica-dominant Northern Lights, with a few exceptions. As with Northern Lights, this hybrid has a short stature with wide-fingered leaves and dense, pungently sweet flowers. The plant growth tends to elongate more than NL, which is the Blueberry’s influence. These girls may also make more branches, which are thinner than the typically straight, thick main stem of Northern Lights.

As a result, Blueberry x Northern Lights is less suitable than many varieties for a sea of green method, giving more appreciable results as a larger indoor plant. Dr. Atomic favors staking multiple branched plants in 5-gallon pots of soil. This one will also thrive outdoors. Blueberry x Northern Lights is a strong, hardy plant, a good selection for neophyte grower who wants as easy-to-maintain, larger plant

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