Greybeard Private Label Oregon Peach Feminised Seeds



Cannabis Seeds


If taken on average, this feminized seed can provide a mild cerebral stimulation before persuading a whole-bodied high. Although there is limited information about this feminized seed, some people believe that it originated from Oregon Afghani and another unknown strain. Although she has resembling effects with OG Kush, its formation somehow supports the perception that it carries the genetics of Afghani. For beginners in growing cannabis, Oregon Peach is a great alternative. A compelling plant, it is also flexible that it can indulge minimal errors. Aside from that, growing the feminized seed guarantees that it does not exhibit hermaphroditic inclination. As such, the plant can endure an acceptable volume of stress without the hazard of transforming. Being a short-sized plant, she is also shaggy. Hence, when indoor, cultivators would like to integrate their growth with SCROG.

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