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Pinkman Goo feminized is a cross between Granddaddy Purple, Grape Ape, and Northern Lights #5. Resulting in a super sticky plant, sugar-coated leaves, and resinous droplets, making Pinkman Goo one of the most special strains you will ever grow.

  • Incredible resin production
  • Fantastic smells
  • Beautiful plant with unique purple accents
  • Pinkman Goo feminized seeds are suitable for experienced growers looking for a unique challenge. The plant can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse but prefers to be grown indoors or in a greenhouse where the climate is regulated and can reach its full potential.For optimal yields and to develop the legendary resin drops, the grower must consider a few things.The daytime temperature must be around 21 to 26 degrees Celsius (70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit). In addition, the temperature should not go below 18 degrees Celsius (65 degrees Fahrenheit) at night. As for the climate, the Pinkman Goo strain prefers a dry climate. Therefore, high humidity is strongly discouraged.In terms of medium, it doesn’t matter whether you choose hydroponics or potting soil. The most critical factors for successful growth are the nutrients that will stimulate the production of the resinous droplets.
  • The flowering time of the Pinkman Goo strain is approximately 8 -11 weeks (56 – 77 days).While Pinkman Goo buds may be well matured after 8 weeks of flowering, most growers prefer to wait a few more weeks and have it reach its full potential to achieve a greater yield.
  • Pinkman Goo is an Indica dominant (80%) strain with a pleasantly manageable plant height. She is therefore ideal for growing in smaller spaces.Growing Pinkman Goo seeds indoors, the plants will reach a height of 70 cm – 120 cm.Outdoors the average height will be between 120 cm and 180 cm.
  • Mid-October is the best time to harvest the plants when growing outdoors in the Northern Hemisphere. Here, the plant can yield up to 750 grams per plant. Indoors, the yield under ideal conditions is between 300 and 400 grams per m².
  • Pinkman Goo weed has a wonderful fruity smell reminiscent of berries and grapes, combined with delicious earthy undertones of freshly ground coffee.
  • Pinkman Goo was initially developed by CaliCropDoc (USA). The story goes that this grower had found seeds behind his stove, which he then grew into plants, and that’s how Pinkman Goo was discovered.We can take the Pinkman Goo story with a grain of salt. It is known that the genetics of the Pinkman Goo seeds are derived from a cross between Granddaddy Purple x Grape Ape x Northern Lights # 5.That said, it does not detract from Pinkman Goo’s uniqueness. On the contrary, it is one of the most extraordinary strains available today.Over the past few years, we have done a lot of research and created our version of the Pinkman Goo feminized seeds as well as we could. So finally, after 2 years, we can say that our feminized Pinkman Goo cannabis seeds’ genetics are so similar, if not the same as the original, that we now offer Pinkman Goo seeds for sale.


Type Indica dominant
Sativa 20 %
Indica 80 %
Genetics Granddaddy Purple x Grape Ape x Northern Lights #5
Yield indoor 300-400 grams per m2
Yield outdoor 500-750 grams per plant
Height indoor 70-120 cm
Height outdoor 120-180 cm
Flowering time 56-77 days
Fungal resistance Medium
Grower profile Advanced
Cultivation Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Climate Temperate, Mediterranean, Arid, Tropical
Smells Berry, Coffee, Fruity, Sweet

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