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Purple Thai Feminized Seeds

Explore Purple Thai Feminized Seeds, known for its aroma, impressive yields, and vigorous growth. Ideal for experienced and novice growers alike.


All packs are packs of 5 seeds


Detailed Product Description of Purple Thai Autoflower Feminised Seeds

Purple Thai Autoflower Feminised Seeds is a unique cannabis strain that combines the exotic lineage of Thai and Haze genetics with the convenience of autoflowering traits. This strain has been specifically developed for those who appreciate the historical and genetic richness of classic cannabis varieties while enjoying the benefits of modern cultivation advances. Below, we delve into an extensive exploration of Purple Thai Autoflower Feminised Seeds, covering its genetic heritage, cultivation insights, visual aesthetics, and aromatic properties.

Genetic Heritage

Purple Thai Autoflower Feminised Seeds originates from a prestigious lineage, combining the exotic aromas and robust growth patterns of Thai sativa with the vigorous qualities of Haze, further crossed with a Ruderalis to introduce autoflowering capabilities. This genetic combination offers a unique profile that preserves the best aspects of its sativa heritage while enabling easier and faster cultivation.

Cultivation Details

The autoflowering nature of Purple Thai Autoflower Feminised Seeds makes it an appealing choice for growers with varying levels of experience. Due to its genetic background, this strain adapts well to a range of growing conditions, thriving in both controlled indoor settings and the great outdoors. The autoflowering trait allows for a shorter life cycle, which can lead to multiple harvests in a single growing season, especially in regions with longer periods of warm weather.

Given its sativa-dominant genetics, Purple Thai Autoflower Feminised Seeds tends to grow taller than many autoflowering varieties, making use of vertical space and benefiting from training methods such as LST (Low Stress Training) to manage its height and improve light exposure to lower branches.

Plant Characteristics

Purple Thai Autoflower Feminised Seeds is visually striking, characterized by long, slender leaves typical of sativa strains and vibrant purple hues that can appear as the plant matures, especially with cooler nighttime temperatures. The buds are elongated and less dense than those of indica-dominant strains, covered with a rich layer of trichomes that sparkle under light.

The aromatic profile of Purple Thai Autoflower Feminised Seeds is complex and enticing, featuring a blend of earthy tones mixed with floral and fruity notes, reminiscent of its tropical and Haze ancestry. This makes it particularly appealing for those who favor intricate and exotic aromas in their cannabis strains.

Detailed Attributes Table

Genetic LineageThai x Haze x Ruderalis
Indica/Sativa30% Indica / 70% Sativa
Terpene ProfileDominated by terpinolene, myrcene, and caryophyllene
Flowering TypeAutoflowering
Flowering TimeApproximately 70-80 days from germination
SexFeminised Seeds
YieldIndoor: Up to 300g/m²; Outdoor: Up to 250g per plant
AromaEarthy with floral and fruity undertones
HeightTypically ranges from 24 to 60 inches


Purple Thai Autoflower Feminised Seeds is an exceptional strain for those seeking a taste of the exotic combined with modern cultivation ease. Its unique sativa heritage offers a visually stunning growth pattern and a delightful aroma that stands out among autoflowering varieties. The resilience and adaptability of Purple Thai Autoflower Feminised Seeds make it a suitable choice for a wide range of cultivators, from novice to experienced. The detailed exploration of this strain showcases the rich tapestry of its genetic background, cultivation traits, and sensory appeal, positioning Purple Thai Autoflower Feminised Seeds as a top-tier selection in any cannabis garden.

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