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OG Kush Auto by Humboldt Seeds Organization is a feminized, autoflowering, Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis cannabis seed strain derived from the cross between an OG Kush and a Ruderalis. It is a high-quality auto version of this wonderful Californian genetic.

OG Kush Auto was born to offer high-quality crops easily and in a short period of time to the lovers of this strain. It is a distinguished, fast-flowering, easy-to-grow, highly vigorous plant that yields delicious buds covered in resin. It tends to spread a lot considering we are talking about an auto, so it is advisable to use stakes to hold the branches. Suitable for all kinds of growers, it is recommended for those who seek strains with intense exotic aromatic properties.

OG Kush Auto delivers quality crops in indoor spaces and reaches a height of 120 cm. or thereabouts in an outdoor garden. Depending on the latitude and area in which it is grown, it can be harvested several times per year.

OG Kush Auto has a deep aroma, with notes of oil, fuel, lemon and pepper.


Breeder/BrandHumboldt Seed Org.
GeneticsOG Kush x Ruderalis
VarietyMostly Indica
Flowering TypeAutoflowering
YieldIndoors: 400 g/m2; Outdoors: 80 – 120 g/plant
Plant Height120 cm.
GrowsGrows Indoors, Grows Outdoors
Flowering Time75 – 80 days from seed
AromaDiesel, Fuel, Lemon, Pepper, Pine, Spicy / Herbal

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