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Jack 47 XL Auto Feminised Seeds

Explore Jack 47 XL Auto Feminised Seeds, known for its aroma, impressive yields, and vigorous growth. Ideal for experienced and novice growers alike.



Product Description for Jack 47 XL Autoflower

Jack 47 XL Autoflower is an exceptional strain that combines the vigorous growth characteristics of Jack Herer with the renowned resilience and rapid flowering of AK-47 Autoflower. This hybrid has been specifically bred to provide a bountiful yield within a condensed timeframe, making it an excellent choice for those seeking efficiency and reliability in their cultivation operations.

The genetic lineage of Jack 47 XL Autoflower ensures a plant that is adaptable to a range of growing conditions, thriving in both indoor and outdoor environments. This strain is particularly suited for cultivators looking for a high-performing plant that can achieve multiple harvests annually due to its swift lifecycle.

Jack 47 XL Autoflower’s structure is compact, making it an ideal candidate for indoor spaces where height and area might be limited. Despite its modest size, it produces an impressive yield, maximizing the ial of each square foot in a grow space.

Detailed Specifications

Genetic LineageCross between Jack Herer and AK-47 Autoflower
Terpene ProfileRich in Terpinolene, Humulene, and Caryophyllene
Flowering TypeAutoflower
YieldUp to 4 oz per square foot indoors, 5 oz outdoors
AromaEarthy with citrus and pine undertones
HeightTypically ranges from 24 to 40 inches
Flowering TimeApproximately 9 weeks from germination
Harvest TimeReady for harvest around 11 weeks from seed
Indica or SativaSativa dominant

Jack 47 XL Autoflower is celebrated for its easy management and consistent performance. Its rapid development and robust nature make it a superior choice for those looking to streamline their growing operations without sacrificing yield quality.

By choosing Jack 47 XL Autoflower, growers can expect a resilient and productive plant that adapts easily to varying growing conditions and maintains a steady growth pattern. This strain’s characteristics make it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a high-yielding, low-maintenance cannabis plant. Jack 47 XL Autoflower simplifies the cultivation process and ensures a rewarding harvest cycle, making it a valuable addition to any grower’s collection.

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