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Lemon Shining Silver Haze is a 75% sativa strain that was bred by crossing Lemon Skunk and Amnesia Haze. It produces good yields and a deliciously complex aroma and scent.

Lemon Shining Silver Haze is able to be cultivated indoors and outdoors in mild climates which would include the majority of northern continental Europe. When grown indoors plants will grow to a height of between 80 – 140 cm, depending on the length of the vegetative growth period, and will produce 425 – 475 gr/m2 under 600-watt lighting in a 8 – 9 week flowering period. Outdoor plants will grow taller, at 130 – 170 cm, and will easily produce around 500 gr/plant although given good conditions and experienced hands as much as 1000 gr/plant is possible. Harvest in northern latitudes will be in the middle of October.

The mature buds of this strain are large, long and, typical of such an overwhelmingly sativa-dominant strain, are quite fluffy, especially in comparison with dense, indica buds. They are a lime green color flecked with a plethora of red hairs and loaded with trichomes. Its aroma is an intoxicating fusion of sour, dank, Skunk-y, citrus-fueled funk albeit with fresh, sweet notes. These qualities follow through onto the palate with the terpene limonene adding a lemon-candy aspect. It will certainly activate and stimulate the aroma receptors!


BREEDER/BRAND Royal Queen Seeds
GENETICS Lemon Skunk x Amnesia Haze
VARIETY Mostly Sativa
SEX Feminised
YIELD Indoors: 425-475 gr/m2; Outdoors: 450 – 1000 gr/plant
PLANT HEIGHT 80 – 170 cm
GROWS Indoors, Outdoors
HARVEST MONTH Middle of October
aroma / scent Citrus, Lemon, Skunk, Sour, Sweet

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