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Experienced growers can bring out insanely delicious complexities. Because Sweet Trainwreck is incredibly rich in its original genetic diversity, the strain can be extra sensitive. An attentive hand will yield substantial batches of vibrant flowers. In perfect conditions, these buds set the standard for maximum potency and the extreme density allows for massive accumulations of flowers in especially small quarters. When an ample supply is needed in a tiny place, Sweet Trainwreck is the plant of choice!

Low branching supports excess pollen production, and a single plant can produce up to 120 grams. The renowned legacy of this strain has been enhanced with four generations of pure breeding to ensure 100% genetic integrity.

The 50/50 cross between Indica and Sativa delivers the best of both worlds.

A tangy sweet aroma hints at deep fruit tones that aroma sweeter than candy. The sugary breadth of scent extends from earthy chocolate notes to expansive combinations of berry and citrus. The smoke’s warm pine body boldly meshes with tantalizing tartness.


Brand Sweet Seeds
Genetics Indica/Sativa
Parents Trainwreck x Ruderalis
Flowering Time 8 weeks
Yield (Indoor) 350-550 g/m2
Yield (Outdoor) 40-120 g/plant
Height (Indoor) 60-120cm
Available as Feminized seeds

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