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Stracciatella™ by T.H.Seeds™ is a delicious cross between Do-Si-Dos and Strawbanana Cream with a aroma of Vanilla Cream and Chocolate Sprinkles. We got the Do-Si-Dos cut straight from Cali and crossed it with our male Strawbanana Cream and selected the Stracciatella™ pheno which displayed the best characteristics of both parents. Stracciatella™ by T.H.Seeds™ is a true vigorous hybrid, a tall plant with lots of branches. Stracciatella™ is easy to grow in all conditions, starting off stocky in the veg stage but showing a big stretch (about a factor 2.5). It is colorful and frosty, producing medium sized, extremely dense buds oozing with trichomes. Stracciatella™ is easy to harvest and manicure with a high calyx-to-leaf ratio. Like Stracciatella ice cream, Stracciatella™ cannabis is creamy and sweet with a hint of chocolate, but this Stracciatella™ has zero calories! Even though Stracciatella™ is dominantly Sativa, the effects are very potent and relaxing, leaving you soft as butter and heavily buzzed enjoying a careless cheerfulness, a perfect relief for pain or anxiety.


Plant height100cm – 150cm
GeneticsDo-Si-Dos X Strawbanana Cream
Yield450gr – 550gr p.s.m.
Indica/Sativa/Hybrid70%Sativa – 30%Indica
Flowering Time9 Weeks
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
aromaChocolate Sprinkles, Creamy
EffectsEuphoric, Happy, Relaxed

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