Worlds Most Hunted Pheno Dark Forest R1 Feminised seeds



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Dark Forest R1

This is a 6 pack of “Fem” R1 seeds made using the WMHP cut Purple Pineberry and a STS reversed Tiki cut of Jealousy as the pollen donor.

Mother Strain information:

Purple Pineberry

Purple Pineberry can trace its origins to British Colombia in Canada. Its precise lineage is uncertain, but the influence this strain’s birthplace has on its characteristics is clear. Beyond its delicious fruity flavors and soothing indica buzz, Purple Pineberry wins many accolades for its hardiness and ability to grow in a range of conditions. Its strong, piney aroma and berry-like flavor profile also make this strain an enjoyable smoke. Purple Pineberry is indica-dominant in both appearance.

Jealousy Tiki Cut

Strain: Jealousy

Lineage: Gelato #41 X Sherb Bx1
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks