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Jelly Stomp R1

This is a 6 pack of “Fem” R1 seeds made using the WMHP cut MAC Stomper and a STS reversed Tiki cut of Jealousy as the pollen donor.

Mother Strain information:

MAC Stomper

Lineage: MAC1 x Grape Stomper OG

Breeder: Capulator

Description: MAC Stomper Strain is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by Capulator. It has a fruity profile of fresh citrus and grapes. It may provide an initial mental boost in positive and creative thinking and could be accompanied by a cozy full-bodied relaxation.



Jealousy Tiki Cut

Strain: Jealousy

Lineage: Gelato #41 X Sherb Bx1
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks